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Hi, I'm Katie.

As a little girl, I would constantly rearrange my parent's home. It was my mission to make the rooms feel fresh and just right. This led me to become obsessed and passionate for home design. The sparks that I feel while designing is beyond fulfilling. Sometimes I have to pinch myself that I get to do this now for a living, as the owner and creator of 614 Home & Decor. It would be my pleasure to work side by side with you in designing the space of your dreams.

a little about me...

As mentioned above I've been obsessed with home design since I was a little girl. On our family road trips my mom and I would  play the game "that's my house" because I was so intrigued by beautiful homes on the inside and out. While my love for homes and design continued to grow through the years, I decided on another path for myself once I started college. I graduated with my Master's in Social Work  from The Ohio State University, and followed another passion of mine, advocating for children as a school social worker. 

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While I loved what I was doing as a social worker, there was a piece of me that was missing and not being fulfilled. I had been decorating our own home on the side, and my husbands's chiropractic office from the gravel up. I again realized working with different materials and textiles brought me so much joy and started to fill that missing piece. Once projects started to finish up, all of the sudden, the next thing I know I had friends, family, and others asking for some help to find direction for their own home projects. From there on out, the rest was history, and I decided to make my design dreams a reality. 

I'm incredibly blessed to be married to my husband, Nick, who is my biggest supporter when it comes to chasing dreams and being the best version of myself. I'm a crazy dog mom and I'm obsessed with our two golden retrievers Sully Sunny, who are always by my side (literally ALWAYS by my side). When I'm not decorating I'm most likely spending time with my friends and family, or traveling with my husband. I'm a CrossFit, coffee, and craft beer enthusiast! And if ever go missing, you can most likely find me at Marshall's or Homegoods on any given day. 

Designing the space you desire doesn't have to be expensive or trendy. I truly believe the spaces that we spend our time in should capture our most authentic self and way of life. Thanks for coming along on my journey, and I'm hopeful that I can join you on yours in designing the future space of your dreams!

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